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News – 1UpOnCancer needs your help

Posted on May 28, 2020 by

1UpOnCancer is a non-profit organization gaming community that helps U.S. adults with cancer pay their medical bills. To date, 1UpOnCancer has awarded over $100,000 in financial assistance toward the bills of cancer patients. However, with the recent troubles with coronavirus quarantine, multiple gaming events and conventions have been postponed or canceled, impacting 1UpOnCancer’s ability to raise funds.

But with the support of gamers, 1UpOnCancer can raise the needed funding by tune in to the charity streams or contribute directly to 1UpOnCancer.

The official Facebook page is: facebook.com/1uponcancer

The official Twitter page is:  Twitter.com/1UpOnCancer

Thanks for checking out the info!

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