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Musical Montage: Apollo 440 “Lost in Space (Theme)”

The 1998 remake of Lost in Space, which hit theaters 25 years ago today, got one of the most 1998 theme songs ever courtesy of British electronic group Apollo 440.  Starting from the base theme song from the original 60s TV show, composed by living legend John Williams, Apollo 440 threw on a healthy dose of 90s drum and bass for a club-ready take on the theme song.  The song was included on the movie’s soundtrack album and appeared on Apollo 440’s album, Gettin’ High on Your Own Supply, hitting #4 on the charts in their native UK.  A few years later, Apollo 440 would do the same thing by remixing and EDMing the original Charlie’s Angels theme for the 2000 movie.  The music video for “Lost in Space (Theme)” features your typical 90s club imagery along with video and sound clips from the movie.  Check it out below.

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