Real Men of Action: John Matrix

John Matrix
Real Men of Action

  • Name: John Matrix
  • Occupation: Special Forces Commando (Retired)
  • Family: Daughter, Jenny Matrix
  • Enemies: Arius, Bennett, Cooke, Sully, Random Thugs
  • Allies: Cindy, Col. Kirby
  • Weapon(s) of Choice: Desert Eagle, M60, Remington 870
  • Body Count: 81
  • Catchphrase: “Let off some steam, Bennett…”

John Matrix just wants to live a quiet life in the mountains with his daughter Jenny, cutting down and carry whole trees and smashing ice cream into each others faces.  However, a ruthless criminal named Arius has other plans and he and his gang systematically kill all of John’s former team and kidnap his daughter.  They want John to kill the president of the country of Val Verde so that Arius can take over.  John naturally refuses and begins an investigation/massacre of Arius’ men, from the weasely Sully to the Green Beret Cooke.  Eventually John makes it to Arius’ island headquarters, with help from plucky stewardess Cindy, and lays waste to it, killing everyone but archenemy Bennett.  A tense knife battle ensues but Matrix manages to end it by throwing a steam pipe through the chain mail vest wearing baddie.  As he heads home with Jenny, his commanding officer, Col. Kirby, asks him to reform his unit but Matrix’s answer is a simple, “No chance.”

See him in action:

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