Battle at the Box Office 12/5

With no new releases this weekend in theaters, Breaking Dawn Part 1 maintained it’s number one spot at the box office.  The latest in the Twilight series made another $16.5 million, bringing it’s total up to $247 million.  Muppets maintained it’s spot in second place spot with $11 million while Happy Feet 2 and Hugo literally flip flopped the third and fifth spot, with Hugo getting an extra 563 theaters over the past weekend and making $7.5 million while Happy Feet 2 made $5.9 million.  Arthur Christmas stayed in fourth place with $7.4 million.  Steadily moving up the top ten is The Descendants, which is expanding ever wider and moved up from ninth to seventh place over the weekend with $4.8 million.  Other than that, everything else pretty much stayed in the same spot.  There’s nothing that would give Twilight to much competition this weekend but maybe since it will be the fourth weekend for it, it might finally drop from the top spot.

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