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The Pull List 6/5

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  • Big Trouble in Little China #1: Picking up immediately where the movie left off, Jack Burton finds himself with a demonic hitchhiker but it turns out the demon is now bonded to him after he killed Lo Pan.  Jack names him Pete and heads back to Chinatown to find Wang and Egg and get the demon off of his hands.  At Wang’s wedding, Lo Pan followers attack and his protege captures Wang and promises to kill him unless Jack travels The Black Road and recovers the souls of the three elemental warriors Thunder, Wind and Lightning.
  • Green Arrow #32: After defeating The Outsiders, Ollie returns to Seattle to find it being torn apart by criminals and learns that Diggle has been captured by Richard Dragon, who took over his father’s crime organization and wants revenge on Ollie and Diggle for their involvement with his father’s death.  Before Ollie can rescue Diggle, he’s attacked by a trio of supervillains but gets rescued by his newly discovered half-sister, Emiko.
  • Swamp Thing #32: After battling Aquaman, Alec goes to investigate the mass of algae Aquaman accused him of creating.  Discovering it’s a rogue sentient plant, Alec goes inside and finds a tiny version of the Green and battles it’s deformed Avatar for control.   Alec wins and he and Aquaman part on uneasy terms.  Back in Louisianna, Alec tries to get answers from the former Avatars turned human he pulled from the Green but Lady Weeds stabs him in the throat before he can get any.
  • Captain America #21: With the Gungir SHIELD heli-carrier turned into a giant mech, Cap battles the evil Iron Nail to try and shut down the ship.  Maria Hill and Nick Fury come to and evacuate the SHIELD agents still on board and Cap manages to reach the core and destroy it, but at the cost of seemingly having his super soldier abilities drained and he’s horribly aged.  Falcon rescues him but Cap’s days of being a superhero seem like they are over.
  • New Warriors #5: The New Warriors investigate a possible High Evolutionary base under Wundagore Mountain and discover instead a pair of animals given intelligence by the HE.  Realizing there’s no threat and that their new friends have a teleporter, they have them teleport them to NYC but the teleporter brings the mountain into New York Harbor.


  • The Punisher #6: Frank almost takes down Electro but Domino intervenes and rescues him before Punisher can put a rubber bullet into his brain.  Frank recovers and manages to the stop the Dos Soles gang from detonating their chemical weapons but the Howling Commandos finally catch up with him and, outgunned and hurt, Frank tries to flee but the Commandos have a bullet with homing capabilities and Frank takes one directly to the chest while riding on top of a bus to escape.
  • Five Ghosts #12: Fabian and his allies are captured by a psychotic island witch and Fabian is forced to fight his horribly deformed mentor Asif, now called Caliban.  Fabian has to unleash the powers of Dracula and kills Caliban and is given a choice to either rescue his sister, which is what he’s been fighting for this whole time, or helping his friends on the island.  Fabian reluctantly goes for the greater good and rescues his shipmates.
  • TMNT #34: Donatello, April and Angel go to visit Donnie’s eccentric inventor “friend”, Harold, who they hope can help them build the teleporter designed by Dr. Honeycutt and use it to stop the Technodrome.  Among Harold’s recent inventions is the robot Metalhead, who malfunctions and attacks the group.  Angel commandeers a battle suit Harold invented and manages to stop Metalhead’s rampage.
  • Iron Man #27: Recruiting their former nemesis, Abigail Burns, Tony and Arno launch an assault on the remaining Mandarins with a ring of their own invention, wielded by Abigail in her own armor, that neutralizes the other Mandarin rings.  Unfortunately, the mysterious new Mandarin, Liar, turns out to be Pepper’s fiance, Marc, who now has her hostage.
  • Doc Savage #6: Doc’s increased his organization to a global force for good in the present day, with automated aid and response going to anyone who calls or e-mails in.  Unfortunately, a rogue hacker gets into the system and completely shuts it down, forcing Doc and his allies to bring down the power grid in order to reverse it.  In the aftermath of the threat, Doc declares that the organization has to go fully manual, without losing any efficancy.


  • Moon Knight #4: Warren Spector is called in to investigate a sleep clinic where the patients all went insane experiencing the same, horrific dream.  In order to find out what happened, Warren goes to sleep in building and has a terrible, fungus themed nightmare and realizes that there is a body in the floors of the center that is the first patient of the study, pumped full of drugs and who died but whose brain is now infected by fungus and the spores are causing the nightmares.
  • Iron Fist #3: Danny Rand returns to K’un Lun and finds it in ruins and his master decapitated.  The survivors ask him to take his masters place as the defender of what remains but Danny gets furious and destroys the tree which grows fruit granting immortality but is cast out back to the snowy cliffs where his father died and is shocked to his father, apparently now undead.  Back in NYC, Brenda, Danny’s newest fling, is at the hospital with the mysterious young martial artist girl who warned Danny of what happened in K’un Lun and gets caught in the middle of a battle between ninja nurses and martial artist gangsters, both of whom seem to be looking for the girl.
  • Future’s End #5: Mr. Terrific unveils his latest invention, called uSpheres, that promises to link all aspects of people’s lives in ways never before seen possible.  Meanwhile, Grifter, with basically no choice, agrees to work for the mysterious Faraday on his mission and Firestorm finally separates back into his separate identities, who vow to never see each other or turn into Firestorm again.
  • Judge Dredd: Mega City Two #5: Dredd wraps up his time in Mega City Two by attending Lawcon, a massive Judge convention where an attempt on the Chief Justice leads to a final, explosive car chase as Dredd takes out the men responsible for the illegal prisoner smuggling from Mega City One.
  • Batman Eternal #9: Batman heads to Hong Kong for answers about why Carmine Falcone returned to Gotham and links up Jiro, the region’s Batman Incorporated agent.  Jiro and Bruce go to question local crime boss Fang, who won a crime war with Falcone.  Fang reveals Falcone just suddenly heard about an opportunity back in Gotham and let Fang “win” with the stipulation that Falcone gets 60% of his criminal income.  During their battle with Fang, a mysterious British agent interupts and is stabbed by Fang and Bruce learns that she is Julia Pennyworth, Alfred’s daughter.


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