EA at NYCC 2014: Day 3 Recap



Day 3 was jam packed for the Everything Action crew as the afternoon and night was spent with Adult Swim and all the ensuing chaos they brought with them.  Before that though, the gang split up, I took a lap around the show floor and got some swag and bought some things, like the Batman 75 stamp set that debuted at the Con and an awesome WWII/Star Wars print from The Thirteenth Floor.  Joe wandered around with friend of the site Tony for a bit, who was dressed as Batman, while Chris acted as photographer/bodyguard for our friends Paul, Emily and Nima, who dressed as the Symbiotes from Spider-Man.



Saturday afternoon, we settled in for a few hours of Adult Swim roundtables for Black Dynamite, The Heart, She Holler and Mike Tyson Mysteries.  The Mike Tyson interview was crazy, as the room was jam packed and Iron Mike arrived with a slew of managers, handlers and security.  We somehow ended up at the last table for interviews for both Mike Tyson and Black Dynamite but there’s still some good stuff you’ll hear when the interviews go up soon on the site.  After a quick break at the hotel, we headed back out for more Adult Swim craziness on board the Tyrannic Maiden Voyage, a three hour cruise/party that went past sights like Freedom Tower and Statue of Liberty and featured a concert by Frisky Dingo alums Killer Mike and El-P.  We also saw Michael Jai White at least 5 times as he made his way around the boat.













There was one more day of the Con, so come back tomorrow for our final recap.

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