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Too Many Games is coming this weekend of June 26-28, and it’s gonna be another wild adventure. TMG is 3 days of panels, tournaments, indie games and geek shopping located in one convenient place. There are many different types of games to play, YouTube content creators to meet, cosplay to snap pictures of and concerts to attend. All equaling to a massive entertainment offer to satisfy all levels of geeks.

I have attended this convention since 2012 and it only has gotten better every year. It is the longest running video game convention in the Philadelphia area, and it brings together gamers, game developers and geek merchants from different states and countries. This year’s line of guest is bring in new faces to the con such as: Inti Creates, the team behind the Mega Man Zero series and the upcoming Mighty no.9 . Tom Filp, co-owner of The Behemoth, and creator of Newgrounds. Mick Lauer, voice actor and creator of RicePirate animations.

The Musical Acts this year is stacked full of chip tunes, rap, rock, heavy metal and a good dose of silly.

The year’s Indie Showcase is offering many locate indie companies in the area, as well as traveling devs.

This time around, Everything Action will be performing double duties as a Media and Vendor, we have helped sponsored another convention called “A Video Game Convention“, New Jersey’s latest gaming convention coming September 19, 2015. I’ll be camping around our TMG booth now and then, so stop by and say hi if you can spot me.

TMG is only 4 days away, so get your tickets now and I’ll see all you gamers there.

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