Movie of the Month: Ernest Saves Christmas

It’s the holiday season again and this time the Everything Action crew is celebrating with everyone’s favorite 80’s/90’s pitchman, Ernest P. Worrell.

The third Ernest movie (and the second highest grossing), Ernest Saves Christmas finds Ernest as a taxi driver in Florida, who gives a ride to an incognito Santa Claus who is in town to pass on the job to a friendly local children’s TV show host but, as with most things related to Ernest, a series of mishaps leads to Santa being arrested and Ernest finding Santa’s magical sack of toys.  If Ernest can’t rescue Santa and get the TV host, Joe, to accept the gig as Santa, Christmas will be ruined forever.  All the classic Ernest bits are here, including multiple Ernest alter egos, a visit to Vern and the first film appearance of brothers Bobby and Chuck, who were in the Hey Vern, It’s Ernest! TV show.  The movie is on Netflix and we’ll back for Christmas with our commentary, if you know what we mean Vern.

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