The Pull List: Eternity Vol 1


Written by Matt Kindt and art provided by Trevor Hairsine and Ryan Winn, Eternity is the follow up series of Valiant’s  Divinity, Divinity II and Divinity III. Divinity introduced the character Abram Adams, a Russian cosmonaut that traveled deep into outer space. During his travels he gained immense power, giving him god like abilities. With his new powers, he takes on the name Divinity. When Adams returns to earth, he amasses a huge cult of followers, and the attention of Unity (a super team of Ninjak, Eternal Warrior, X-0 Manowar and Livewire). Eternity picks up some time after Abram Adams has taken time to raise a family with Myshka, his former cosmonaut partner and mother of his new born child. Abram and Myshka had distant themselves from the cult followers that still idolize them and are trying to live a quite life. However in another universe, an incident causes an alien race to find Abram and his baby son. What they want and why they had taken Abram’s child is a mystery to even the man with all the knowledge of the universe.

As someone who recent caught up in the series, I found Divinity to be an interesting character that struggled to retain his humanity while others worship and fear his god-like powers. Eternity plays with the idea of what happens when a powerful entity encounters others like him, the creatures who gave him his powers, and the more powerful creatures that control them. Eternity and it’s previous volumes, is heavily inspired by the cosmic and psychedelic space stories created by the legendary Jack Kirby. The strange powers that can manipulate time and matter, the particulars colors in the expansion of space, and the arrangement of alien features all have a hint of Kirby behind those details.I highly recommend starting with the Divinity story line to catch up on this latest volume. Eternity will be released October 25.

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