The Pull List – Harbinger Wars 2: Prelude #1

In a wake of an event between the Harbinger Foundation and the Harbinger Renegades, a growing hatred of psiots has risen. The US government issues a containment order to round up psiots, humans with extraordinary abilities, in an effort to control the situation. A covert military contractor organization known as Omen has been authorized to round up psiots with extreme measures. The government reaches out to Amanda McKee, a powerful psiot with abilities to interface with all electronic technology.Under the code name Livewire, she’s represented a strong figure for the psiots and a deadly asset for the government. But when the government tries to capture the Secret Weapons, a group of young psiots mentored by Livewire, she is forced to betray her country and becomes an enemy of the state. With no other options, Liveware makes a bold move against the nation to protect psiots and give a warning to all those who want to control them. 

Harbinger Wars 2: Prelude lays out the beginning sequences Liveware’s involvement in the upcoming clash in the Valiant Universe. The first Harbinger Wars was lead by a rogue faction of psiots from the Harbinger Foundation in the form of the Harbinger Renegades. This major event leads to heroes and villains fighting for psiot control and leaving behind destruction in the streets. This battle lead to Toyo Harada being exposed for his corrupt influence and the public’s mistrust with psiots. In an effort to stop more incidents from happening, the US government hires Omen to restrain psiots, leading to many dangerous encounters. A line is crossed when Livewire is forced to response to the government’s activities and the only course of action will lead to a war. 

In the upcoming war, people with fight for their freedoms and for their loyalties. Characters from the Valiant Universe will be drawn into the situation. Peter Stanchek, leader of the Harbinger Renegades, has been building a psiot army that is looking to take on Omen. The US government is prepared to enforce their strengths by sending out H.A.R.D. Corps units, Bloodshot and Ninjak in counter the rogue psiots.  Allies will turn to enemies as the powerful Unity team is shattered, and heroes will be battling each other. This prelude to the 4 issue Harbinger Wars 2 series will help new readers, but we suggest some lite back issue reading before hand to enjoy the full extend of the story.

Harbinger Wars 2: Prelude #1 will be released May 2nd 2018


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