The Pull List – Valiant High #3

Right after failing her latest driving exam, Amanda McKee tries make sense of all the events that have occured, leading her to investigate the Shadowman that is the school’s janitor. Moments after approaching what she thinks is the Shadowman’s lair, she discovers Divinity (Abram Adams). Meanwhile Colin King and Pete Stanchek have stumbled onto Gilad’s secret hideout, but instead of a beat down, they are welcomed with friendly terms. Gilad reveals to the boys about his immortality and his agreement to watch over Valiant High, protecting it from an evil force that seeks to destroy the school. With homecoming only days away and new discoveries about their school, can these students make it to the big dance without getting detention or worse?

Issue three of Valiant High revels the simplified origins of Gilad and Armstrong, and shows where Divinity has been hiding out all this time. Like their mature counterparts, Gilad and Armstrong were immortal beings that wander the earth, looking for excitement and duty. Gilad, being a vigilant warrior, takes his role of protecting the school very seriously and acts like the lone wolf at Valiant High as a cover. Armstrong has taken an interest in caring for Archer (Obadiah Archer), leaving Gilad to mostly guard the school alone. While the classic voodoo power of Shadowman does not make an appearance in this issue, Divinity is revealed to be a school faculty member and a mechanical whiz. As the series wraps up in the concluding issue next month, we will find out what evil forces Principal Harada is preparing for and who will be crown homecoming king and queen.

Valiant High #3 will be on sale July 4th 2018.

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