The Pull List – Quantum and Woody #11

The reality blending, commercial speaking humanoid, dubbed the Infomercial, is on the loose and recklessly warping realities to its will. G.A.T.E debriefs Quantum and Woody on the situation and their plan to use the two brothers to create a new quantum field to erase Infomercial out of their reality. But this could send back Eric’s wife Millie too, as she had only existed in the Otherverse before the merger. Before the brothers can make a decision, Colonel Capshaw steps in and begins the experiment.

Issue eleven introduces a new fear for Eric, the possibility of losing his wife forever. One reality has her completely absent, while the other reality had led the two to be very much in love. Opening a quantum portal could get rid of Infomercial, but at the cost of losing his wife, Eric refuses. However, the cold and calculated Colonel Capshaw was prepared for this situation, forcing the brothers to fulfill their purpose against their will. This is nothing new to Colonel Capshaw, as she has handled extreme situations before and is willing to sacrifice anyone for the greater good. She is not afraid of getting her hands dirty for the end goal. It has taken a few issues for Infomercial to be a menace, being kind of innocent in previous issues. But now that he has watched enough TV, he has based his how personality and actions on cheesy ads and pop culture references. He’s not quite a villain as he does not have an evil goal. However, he is very dangerous and unpredictable, potentially a huge threat with his powers. With the safety of Millie on the line and a reality shifting creature walking around, Quantum and Woody get thrown into a tense situation that gets more unwanted attention in next month’s issue.

Quantum and Woody #11 will be on sale October 17th, 2018.

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