The Pull List – Faith: Dreamside #3

Faith and Dr. Mirage leave the physical realm and travel into the Dreamside, a reality for the afterlife. The two search for Monica Jim, who was taken by angered spirits in the night, and have locked her inside a cave. To Faith’s surprise, the Dreamside is cheery; flowers giggle, trees smile and the road is paved in gold. However, underneath all the happy faces, horrors and despair lay hidden. Faith and Dr. Mirage find a few allies to aid their mission, but the real mastermind behind Monica’s haunting eagerly awaits the visitors.

Issue three takes the story to the actual Dreamside, an odd plane of existence that the dead can roam, and the living can somewhat visit. The Dreamside is made up of multiple dimensions, each with different existences and rules. The level that Monica Jim is held in has an Alice in Wonderland inspired setting, with overly cute creatures and relaxing forests. But the true nature surrounds the sugar-coated lie, as it is slowly revealed there is a dark presence that controls this world. But in the nick of time, Dr. Mirage’s dead husband Hwen comes to the rescue with a few helpers. Since Faith and Dr. Mirage had temporarily become spirits, Hwen is once again able to touch his wife, and reassure her that he will always protect her.

Jody Houser takes Faith on her greatest challenge yet, as she is thrown into an unknown world while deciding the future of her superhero antics. Even though she has a lot on her mind, Faith remains focused on finding Monica Jim and escaping. Houser keeps true to Faith’s nerdy side by dropping lots of popular geeky references to make any nerd say “I get that reference”.  MJ Kim and Jordie Bellaire beautifully illustrate a whimsical landscape of adorable smiling plant life, transformed car dragons, and a hellish villain that gives an unsettling toothy dead stare out of the pages. Readers should check out how this dream becomes a nightmare when this comic release this week.

Faith: Dreamside #3 will be on sale November 28th, 2018.

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