The Pull List – Death Orb #5

Carvell’s daring sabotage on the power grid leaves Father’s mechanical defensives offline. But Father is not beaten yet, he has a tower of loyal guards watching over him. Recovered from their transportation wreck, Pilot and the Ninja make their way to Father’s fortress, while the Rider sneaks inside on his own. But hot on the Rider’s trail is Shark, the assassin hired by Father. Shark is close to completing his contract and returning to his own family. As the Rider, the ninja and Pilot make their way to Father, will they stop his plan in time or will the world be rewritten by his hand.

The Rider journey has taken him to the steps of Father’s fortress and his moment to comfort the mad scientist is near. The Rider’s wife and child had been taken by Father, driving the Rider to seek vengeance. If there is a chance to reclaim his family, the Rider will do anything it takes to get them back. He traveled through the wastelands, fought off bandits and robotic mercenaries. Found others that would help on his mission and brought him right at Father’s door. With his ax in hand, the Rider will chop and split anyone that will stand in his way.

Death Orb pulls out all the stops to bring the Rider face to face with Father. Loyal warriors await the Rider, leading to a full on battle with the Rider cutting off limbs and heads. Father’s loyalist fight hard to protect their savior, but the Rider is able to take them all on. It’s a brutal fight with lots of blows being exchanged. Alejandro Aragon artwork is stellar, with lots of raw action. The Rider swings his ax in the battles while taking a few hits and still swing.  

Ryan Ferrie and Alejandro Aragon created a bleak dystopian world that needed a powerful ax swing to shatter it free. The story is short and sweet, with a great focus on explosive action. Death Orb feels like a fan letter to cheesy 80s B-movies. The story is packed of courageous characters, dramatic dialogue and an ambitious villain that threaten the world. Ryan Ferrie doesn’t overcomplicate the plot and chooses to keep the story unfold with its action-driven setups. There were plenty of chases scenes, fights, and dramatic tension to move along the story without a dull moment. Death Orb is a great read for any action fan entertained, and this climactic finale should on their latest pull list this week.

Death Orb #5 will be on sale on February 20th, 2019.

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