The Pull List – The Girl in the Bay #2

Can a single soul be split into two lives? Kathy Sartori didn’t believe so until she meets her double, an older version of herself that exist in 2019. The older Kathy is now a grandmother, happily married and watching over a grandchild. Trying to understand the strange events, the younger Kathy wanders the streets of NYC. However, her killer, Hugh Lansky, is still alive in 2019. Lansky is now an older drifter, closely observing the Sartori resident but he isn’t alone. Now Kathy is a stranger in the new world and her future is in danger by a killer from the past.

Issue two gathers the two version of Kathy, both unsure about the other. The older Katie had a different event from that night in 1969. Moving out of the angst teenage phase, raising a family and growing with the world. At first, the older Kathy unaware of the identity of the younger Kathy. But something about the girl connects with the old woman. The young Kathy panics the encounter, hallucinating creepy sights that give send her screaming. She notices there is something very odd about herself. Something that can help lead her to some answers.

This latest chapter cloaks the story with some otherworldly drama. A killer with a mysterious partner, a visual of a divine woman and a spiritual connection to the dead. J.M DeMatteis guides Kathy through to a shocking revelation, leaving more questions for the reader to chase. The story has much to uncover, keeping the reader on the eager to flip each page. The next issue looks to reveal something about the man responsible for the murder and Kathy’s reappearance.

The Girl in the Bay #2 will be on sale on March 6th, 2019.

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