The Pull List – Elvira: The Shape of Elvira #2

Lights, Camera, Aquatic Monster! Elvira big step towards Hollywood stardom lands her a role in a horror movie, next to a costar that seems to portray the monster a little too seriously. Method actors aim to be sincere but Elvira has not seen her sea creature costar out of costume. Nevertheless, Elvira finds her stride in Billy Bullworth’s newest production. But behind the costumes and Hollywood magic, a real horror story will unravel to Elvira.

Working in the movie business brings together all sorts of people. From an eccentric millionaire, veteran actors, and a shy writer, Elvira encounters many types of characters trying to make it big. But the strangest of them all is her costar that plays the movie’s monster. Presented what looks to be a scaly green costume, Elvira meets the Gill-man or Gill for short. She’s puzzled about Gill’s appearances but doesn’t question the actor. Everyone’s got their own acting process.

This issue has the jokes and quips expect from the Mistress of the Dark. David Avallone keeps Elvira to be the fun and sarcastic character that fans love. Fran Strukan and Maxim Šimić pay a nice homage with a rendition of the sea monster based on Gill-man from Creature from the Black Lagoon. It’s cool to see a Universe monster be side by side with the horror hostess, no longer talking about movies and now actually taking a leading role. As the movie gets further into production, the behind the scenes action gets much more exciting than the fictional story as the series reaches its third chapter.

Elvira: The Shape of Elvira #2 will be on sale on April 24th, 2019.

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