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The Pull List – The Girl in the Bay #4

Posted on May 2, 2019 by

All the pieces of Kathy Sartori’s murder had fallen into place, leading to a shocking invitation by Hugh Landsky. But Hugh has not been in control for this plan. A dark entity that has been the mastermind behind Hugh and has set one last trap. The dark entity wants to finish that fateful night at Sheepshead Bay, eliminating Kathy from existence. Now Kathy faces a great evil that will determine she can have a past, a present or a future at all.

The Girl in the Bay has been a thrilling page-turner that has been keeping readers guessing where Kathy’s journey will lead. As more clues Kathy has uncovered, the story reveals more of its complex layers. The beginning of the story follows a murder mystery that curves right into the fantasy but only skims the surface of the supernatural. J.M. DeMatteis does not devalue the drama by introducing mystic elements. DeMatteis wrote characters with great depth that felt humanized and added tension to the story. In particular, Kathy Sartori has amazing growth from rising out of the bay and re-discovering the world. Corin Howell and James Devlin have created stunning visuals are intense and imaginative. The monstrous character design of Landsky’s dark entity is a nice contrast to bright vivid colors that envelope the world. The Girl in the Bay is a great read that follows in the tradition of horror murder mysteries and finds it’s own voice with the emotional weight of characters and surreal plot.

The Girl in the Bay #4 was released May 1st, 2019.

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