The Pull List – Mountainhead #1

Noah Stubbs and his young son Abraham have been wandering from city to city, living an isolated life as drifters. They have been burgling houses across America and survived without leaving a trace behind. Noah believes there is a corrupt government pursuing him, and he must travel to protect his son. One fateful night will bring tragedy to the Stubbs and will push Abraham from the life he thought he knew. Meanwhile, a lone survivor from an expedition returns home, and with him something sinister ahead.

Mountainhead creative team of John Lees, Ryan Lee, Doug Garbark and Shawn Lee brings a powerhouse of a psychological thriller. John Lees unfolds a strained relationship between father and son, that hinges on the mental state of Noah Stubbs. Ryan Lee brings some gruff-looking visuals that play into the murky tones of the story. Characters have exaggerated proportions but give off clear expressions. Doug Garbark’s use of vibrant colors for added drama is a nice touch and Shawn Lee punctual sound effects break up the tension.

Mountainhead has the beginnings to be an interesting horror story where the monsters not only hide in the shadows but can slip out from the mind. For comic fans looking for some creeps and chills in their weekly reads should check this series out.

Mountainhead #1 was released on August 7th, 2019.

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