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The Pull List – Livewire #10

Posted on September 11, 2019 by

Rising politician John Wright has motivated Amanda to try a new angle on her campaign to end the terror on psiot. To win back the hearts and minds of the public, Amanda steps out into the spotlight and shines a light about her fight. Wright has given her the resources and the encouragement to fix her image and show she is not a public enemy. But she will face tough opposition, especially against Senator McCoy, who strongly believes in the danger posed by uncontained psiots. With tensions high and the safety of psiots still threaten, Amanda dives headfirst into the political game.

The partnership between Amanda and John seems to have opened up an opportunity for Amanda to set the record straight but will the public believe her? After all, the government and representatives like Senator McCoy paint psiots as a menace, which Amanda’s nationwide black-out did not help. Tired of being vilified about her actions, Amanda works with John, only after finding a mutual understanding of keeping loved ones safe. Convinced that John has an honest message about his stance, Amanda finds herself once again with allies and hope to change the future.

Livewire #10 brings a new challenge to Amanda and it could boost support to protect psiot or cause unforeseen repercussions. Getting involved with politics was something Amanda never wanted to be part of, but that was before America named as a most wanted criminal. It’s an interesting development for Amanda and the story switched from fighting super-powered baddies to handling politics. The next issue definitely looks promising to see where the conflict will escalate to next.

Livewire #10 was released on September 11th, 2019.
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