The Pull List – Red Sonja: Birth of the She-Devil #4

Sonja has cut through countless warriors to get her revenge on Raka. Supported by King Andol and his remaining men, Sonja and Ozzyus launch a surprise attack. However, Raka has created a stronger formula to his devilish potion. His men are crazed and wild than before. The feral people are not afraid to face the sword and steel from invaders. Sonja and Raka will face off and only one devil will walk away.

The redemption that Sonja has been desperately seeking can only be fulfilled by defeating Raka. The guilty of betraying Shashana lead her into a self-destructive path. Feeling remorse for his role, Ozzyus pushes Sonja to stop Raka, but fears her revenge will be her undoing. Sonja and Ozzyus, and King Andol make the last stance to end Raka’s threat once and for all, no matter what the cost.

Luke Lieberman and Sergio Davila finish the series with a satisfying conclusion. This young version of Sonja is brash and rowdy, jumping into danger headfirst. Lieberman develops Sonja’s deep-seated guilt, which added a big dramatic element. Ozzyus manages to work his way from the background to the front of the story, being the mentor figure that Sonja needed once again. Sergio Davila illustrations are bright and colorful, leading to some amazing fight sequences. Davila adds in some monstrous character designs to ramp up the danger, and it makes for an excellent final battle.

This series has been a great side tale that tells just one part of Sonja’ past that would help shape her character. Fans of fierce action will enjoy the pacing that keeps throwing Sonja into some bloody combat.

Red Sonja: Birth of the She-Devil #4 is now available starting September 18th, 2019.

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