Everything Actioncast Ep 464 “Joker, Robocop, Star Trek, Sin City and More”

This week on the podcast, Zach and Chris talk about possibly the ultimate Nicolas Cage movie, the long-delayed Robocop Returns, a possible sequel for Joker, Sin City as a TV series, Ford vs Ferrari, the live-action reboot of Lady and The Tramp and more.

  • News: Joker may or may not be getting a sequel, Sin City TV shows in the works, Nicolas Cage stars as Nicolas Cage in a new movie, Noah Hawley writing and directing a new Star Trek movie, Abe Forsythe is the new director of Robocop Returns.
  • Show and Tell: Chris saw Lady and the Tramp on Disney+ and the second episode of The Mandalorian and Zach saw Ford vs Ferrari.

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