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Know Your “That Guy”

Profiling the greatest character actors of all time

Know Your “That Guy”: Warwick Davis

Appearing in two of the biggest series of all time, Harry Potter and Star Wars, Warwick Davis is also known for his roles as the title characters in Willow and Leprechaun.

Know Your “That Guy”: Colm Feore

Recently appearing as sci fi villains in movies like Thor and Chronicles of Riddick, Colm Feore is usually playing some sort of government official like in 24 and The Sum of All Fears.

Know Your “That Guy”: Wayne Knight

From Jerry Seinfeld’s nemesis to corrupt programmer Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park, Wayne Knight has appeared in over 90 movies and TV shows since the mid 80’s.

Know Your “That Guy”: Bob Balaban

Part of the all-star cast of The Monuments Men, Bob Balaban has appeared in over 90 movies and TV shows over the years, including the Christopher Guest comedies Best in Show and A Mighty Wind and NBC president Russel Dalrymple on Seinfeld.