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Dolores Goes to War in Westworld Season 3 (Trailer)

Having escaped from the Delos parks, Dolores puts a plan into motion in the real world while Maeve is tasked by a villainous new Delos executive to track down and kill Dolores in the upcoming third season of Westworld.

Netflix is Your Valentine With Tons of Nerdy News (Trailers)

Netflix gave nerds everywhere a bunch of Valentine’s Day presents, include the first tease of Stranger Things Season 4, the trailer for Castlevania Season 3 and the reveal of the ridiculous voice cast assembled for Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

To Your Last Death Brings Animated Horror in March (Trailer)

When her father slaughters her siblings in a horribly “game” of revenge, Miriam DeKalb accepts an offer from a supernatural entity to travel back in time and try to stop her father and save her siblings in the upcoming animated horror movie, To Your Last Death.