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Calamity Kate

The Pull List – Calamity Kate #4

Kate’s time as a famous monster hunter brought her many joys as it did sorrows. As Calamity, Kate was able to vent her frustrations in battle and enjoy her new identity. Battling gigantic creatures came easy for Kate, her rival Javelin is overshadowing her ambitions. The heated rivalry turns into a scorching fight when Kate […]

The Pull List – Calamity Kate #3

Slaying her way to the Seven Fabled Beasts of Yore, Kate Strand’s time in LA has been helping her past. Each high profile hunt has boosted Kate’s career and further away from the person she used to be. Just when Kate thought she could take on the world, she stumbles into an old acquaintance that […]

The Pull List – Calamity Kate #2

Calamity Kate was on the road to becoming a famous hunter. But a new hunter is come to challenging Kate’s popularity. Javelin has started to take Kate’s kills, getting the fan appreciation Kate once had. Javelin also has the dream of taking on the Seven Fabled Beasts of Yore, further enraging the already heated Kate. […]

The Pull List – Calamity Kate #1

In a world with salvage monsters, it takes a brave person to hunt them down. For Kate Strand, monster hunting isn’t just for protecting the innocent, it’s to prove that she’s the best. Shaking off her previous life, Kate starts her career as a foul mouth, sword-wielding, hero in Los Angeles. The area is crawling with […]