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Know Your “That Guy”: Chi McBride

A veteran of TV and movies, Chi McBride usually plays some sort of authority figure from a SWAT commander on Hawaii Five-0 all the way up to Nick Fury on the Marvel cartoons.

Know Your “That Guy”: Giovanni Ribisi

Neurotic, sleazy, creepy and eccentric are all adjectives you can use to decribe most of Giovanni Ribisi’s characters in movies like Gone in Sixty Seconds, Avatar, Ted and Saving Private Ryan.

Know Your “That Guy”: Will Patton

Finally taking the lead on Falling Skies as Captain Weaver, Will Patton has usually played the second in command to either the good or bad guy in a variety of movies and TV shows.

New Release Round Up 10/16

The phenomenal fifth season of Mad Men is our pick of the week this week along with a bunch of other new releases.

Contraband Trailer

Mark Wahlberg is a retired smuggler who is pulled into “one last job” to help his wife’s brother after he gets in trouble on his own smuggling job.