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Hasta La Vista, Baby! (translation: watch some Terminator Clips)

By Zach

Another week, another batch of youtube videos. I hope you all appreciate what I do for you. Remember to vote for our theme.

Onto the videos, or “podcast enhancers” as I call them. First up is the Terminator’s next mission, protecting one Jesus Christ from termination.

Trailer for Terminator

Trailer for T2

John meets two new friends

The future of T1

I’m gonna say it, this is the best scene in T1

RIP Lance Henrikksen (Not in real life, just in terminator)

Arnold takes out the most 80stastic night club ever.

The future of T2

Arnold needs clothes.

The crazy alternate “Super Happy” ending of T2

Behold the glory that is the T-1000 and Robert Patrick

I think that’s good. If you find anymore that are worth it let us know at feedback@kickassmoviepodcast.com. Are you liking us putting videos up? Let us know!

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