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The Secret? The most convuluted, insane plot ever

What did I stumble upon today you may ask? Well, it’s the trailer for Nationial Treasure 2: Book of Secrets and it looks like the most insanely idiotic plot ever. Granted, I really liked the first one with it’s da Vinci Code Lite plot. This one, as far as I can tell, is about Nicholas Cages’ character Benjamin Gates finding out that his ancestor was one of the people who planned the Lincoln assassination because Ed Harris found the missing piece of John Wilkes Booth’s diary. But it doesn’t stop there kiddies, there’s also a hidden vault behind Mount Rushmore, The oval office desk that looks like it’s about to become a transformer, Helen Mirren doing her obligatory, “I won an Oscar so it’s time for a stupid action/comedy movie, and the Book of Secrets. It apperentley holds all of our countries secrets in it’s leather bound covers. I assumed those would be at the CIA or NSA or something but I guess not. So from what I can gather Ben Gates has to kidnap the president to get the book to find some crazy tomb or something to clear his ancestor’s name. Wow, does your brain hurt as much as mine does. If it does then check out the trailer because they say laughter is the best medicine.


P.S. Favorite line by far is “I’m going to kidnap him, I’m going to kidnap the president of the United States.” It just makes me smile.

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