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…And We’re Back

Sorry for all the porn and Chinese characters people, but we are finally back on the Interwebs. We fought the Internet, and won. Go us.

Why all the confusion and downtime? Well, last year I registered the domain through someone and they disappeared. So I had to go through this Chinese company who had the domain, had to transfer to GoDaddy, had to renew and then wait for all the changes. It was slow, complicated, and messy… but now I own the domain till 2009. Phew.

The next episode is our belated Thanksgiving Blowout on the top movie-related voices. Expect the bonus vids for that soon. Saturday night, we recorded our next episode, which will be released Monday, with bonus vids and goodies related to that movie to be released sometime this week. We’re getting back into the groove of things.

Thanks for sticking around throughout all the craziness and enjoy the new episodes of the KICK ASS movie podcast.

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