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TP: Controversy with a side of Kung Fu

Trailer Park

This week in the Trailer Park we have some controversy, one of the biggest team ups since Heat, the most ADD trailer ever and graphic novel craziness.

“Controversy of the Week”: Fanboys

Zach: This movie has been a rolling ball of trouble almost since the beginning and it’s coming to a head this weekend. Starting from the top, the plot of the movie is that a bunch of friends who are Star Wars nerds decide to steal The Phantom Menace from Skywalker Ranch. The reason behind the theft is the source of the controversy. In the original version the friends steal it so that their other friend can see it before he dies of cancer. The new version has them stealing the film for the hell of it. Star Wars nerds are raging because they say that the Weinstein Company took all the heart out of the movie and now just makes fun of Star Wars nerds. They’re picketing “Superhero Movie” this weekend and there’s a movement to boycott all Weinstein produced movies until it is restored to the original version. There’s also anger over the passing around of the film between directors eventually it passed into the hands of Steven Brill, who just directed “Drillbit Taylor” and is recieving hate mail from irate nerds. Things aren’t looking good for this movie.

Brian: Judging strictly from the trailer, nothing about this movie looks promising. It looks a Road Trip for nerds. Also, removing heart from it by taking out the sick friend part just makes this a pretty sad affair. Points for Seth Rogan in makeup as a Star Trek nerd and the Shatner cameo, but other than that I think I’ll avoid.

Street Kings:

Zach: I think this is probably the most ADD trailer I’ve ever seen. I have no idea what the plot is or what is going on. There’s a pretty good cast with Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker, Hugh Laurie, Chris Evans, Common and The Game. I get a very “Training Day”esque vibe from the trailer so that could be good. Overall I’m confused and ambivalent about it.

Brian: Holy shit, that cast. Made me laugh when I saw it. Cast aside, looks like your generic gangsta/cop flick. Oh well. Can’t be any worse than Seagal’s “Urban Justice”, right? Right?

Forbidden Kingdom:

Zach: Jackie Chan and Jet Li, not since De Niro and Pacino has there been as epic a match up. From what I gather from the trailer we have lots of kung fu, Jackie Chan as the funny one, Jet Li as the serious one, and a kid from the future who travels back in time for some reason. Watch out Star Wars nerds, it’s produced by the Weinsteins! It’s been a while since we had a good, fun kung fu movie so hopefully it will be good.

Brian: Two kung fu greats battle it out. That’s all I’m, and most other people, are interested. Trailer doesn’t do a good job explaining what the kid’s purpose is or how he got there, but I still assume he’s the main character somehow. Oh Jackie Chan, how we’ve missed you.


Zach: Yet another graphic novel is becoming a film. It’s worked out pretty well so far (300 says hi) and this one looks pretty good. The plot from the graphic novel is that superheroes and supervillains have a war and the villains win. James McAvoy stars as the unsuspecting son of one of the greatest villains and is recruited by Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie into their gang of villains. There looks like some cool stuff going down like curving bullets and other Matrixy things. My interest is piqued.

Brian: The teaser made me roll my eyes, but the trailer is somewhat more interesting. Angelina Jolie wears too much fucking eye makeup and Morgan Freeman is THE NARRATOR again (well, in the trailer anyway). I was feeling pretty interested until the quick scene of Jolie’s kiss with the main character which more than likely means some kind of ROMANTIC INTEREST. Boo.