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Hurry along Mr. Mallory!

Wednesday, Hump Day to some people, bonus video day to us. Today we take a look at the awesomeness that was the first two and half seasons of Sliders. Everybody through the gateway!

Come Sail Away with the Sliders:


The Sliders end up in Hell:


Ladies and Gentlemen, Rembrandt Brown and the Spinning Tops:


The Library is the Shizznit, y’all!:


Arturo gets confused for Pavarotti:


Logan St. Claire catches up to the Sliders on Jamaica World:


Arturo’s death:


Oh man, A timer replica, I have got to get me one of these!:


And now we present the Pilot in all it’s greatness:

That’s it for this week, Remember to join us this Sunday (4/20/2008) at 10 pm EST for our live season finale and our rundown of this summer’s big movies.

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