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Top 5 Fictional Martial Arts

Posted on October 23, 2008 by

There are many forms of martial arts throughout the world but sometimes you need a little something extra, like shooting fireballs for example.  Here are five of the most awesome made up martial arts.

5. Shaq Fu

Main Practitioner: Shaquille O’Neal

Shaq Fu is the personal fighting style of one Shaquille O’Neal.  Shaq Fu consists of different punches and kicks that unfortunately for Shaq sail over most of his opponents due to his stature.  Shaq Fu has however given Shaq some special abilities including increased jumping and agility, he’s able to generate a spinning purple disc of energy and he has a kick that is increased by some sort of flame ability.  A final attribute of Shaq Fu is the unleashing of inner “Fury” which gives the practitioner increased power and speed.

4. Shotokan

Main Practitioner: Ryu

Shotokan is a powerful fighting technique utilized by Ryu and Ken of Street Fighter tournament fame.  Taught by a wise master named Gouken.  Shotokan is mainly used to knock an opponent unconscious but there are other techniques that can be learned in it that can kill.  Ryu and Ken’s main nemesis Akuma is a student of these techniques.  Despite it’s non-lethal nature Shotokan still has a number of devastating attacks including the Hurricane Kick, Shoryuken or Dragon Punch and Hadouken or fireball.  Ryu once created a fireball so powerful he permanently scarred fellow fighter Sagat’s chest.  Shotokan has a large number regular punches and kicks as well including uppercuts and roundhouse kicks.

3. Kabumei

Main Practitioner: Brian Becker (Deceased)

Kabumei is an ancient martial art that comes from the Far East.  Also known as “The Art of the Sharpened Grenade” Kabumei is a deadly fighting style where the aim is to embed a sharpened grenade called a “Kabuchi” into your opponent, killing them with an explosion.  Kabumei is effective against opponents armed with knives, guns and even another kabuchi.  A practitioner of this martial art needs to be careful of their grenades’ pins and not be afraid of getting covered in exploding blood.

2. Gymkata

Main Practitioner: Jonathan Cabot

Gymkata is a unique fighting style that combines gymnastics and karate into an unstoppable force.  Gymkata relies on kicks mostly and also features leaping take downs.  Gymkata is amplified when the practitioner is near pommel horses or a suitable substitute because you can then do 360 spinning kicks and can take on a large number of opponents.  Training for Gymkata includes long distance running, walking on your hands up stairs and more.  Cabot uses Gymkata to win “The Game”, a deadly obstacle course/race, in Parmistan which allowed the US to build a Star Wars missile defense station there.

1. Gun Kata

Main Practitioner: John Preston

Gun Kata is a martial art developed by the Grammaton Cleric using guns, mostly pistols, in the most effective way possible.  Through analysis of thousands of gunfights it was discovered that enemies are usually positioned in a statistically common way.  Gun Kata features a series of positions that takes this into account and gives the user the widest kill area possible while avoiding the statistically common path of return fire.  Gun Kata can also be used in close quarters with either the Cleric’s specially designed pistols, which feature spikes in the butt of the pistol, to bash your opponents to death or two opponents can duel in close quarters, where the goal is to try to shoot your opponent while deflecting their gun.  In addition to the spikes in the butt of the pistol, the Cleric pistol is also a rapid fire weapon and are stored in the sleeves of the Cleric’s outfit.  Spare ammunition is also stored in the sleeve as well.  To quote Vice Councillor Dupont, “the master of the Gun Kata (is) an adversary not to be taken lightly.”

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