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Trailer Park: GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

Hopefully everyone’s having a spooktacular Halloween.  There’s been a flood of trailers in the last couple of weeks so we thought it was a good time to head back to the Trailer Park.

Gran Torino


Zach: Clint Eastwood is back in front of the camera, as well as behind it, in Gran Torino.  Alternate title could be “The Angriest Old Man Alive” as he growls every line and threatens people who come onto his lawn with a gun.  The story seems to be that Clint is a bitter old man who has new Asian neighbors move in next door and he gets involved with their lives.  Everybody probably learns something by the end.  It’s nice to see the bad ass side of Clint come back.

Brian: Clint Eastwood… back to kicking ass. Funny to see him in front of the camera so soon after being in the back for “Changling”. This has a tendency to be a really unintentionally hilarious movie. Plus, it could also be a slow burner rather than a straight-up action thriller. Anyway, Clint is gruffin’ out. I guess you could call it “McCain: The Movie”.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


Zach: Harry Potter is back this summer in Half Blood Prince, the sixth movie.  All the Potter movies have been overall really good so I see this being solid at the worst.  Harry and Dumbledore must battle the ever growing threat of Voldermort which results in what appears to be lots of crazy magic action.  Plus Quidditich is back and that’s always fun.

Brian: So bummed that this movie was delayed. The teaser trailer was an absolute delight and I was really looking forward to the one-two punch of this and “Quantum of Solace”. Alas, I will have to wait till Summer for my HP fix. Still looks good.

Angels and Demons


Zach: Not much information in this teaser trailers but I’ve always felt that the book was 10x better than The Da Vinci Code because it was faster paced with more action and some truly gruesome deaths.  I thought the Da Vinci Code movie was pretty good, a little long in the tooth, but faithful to the book.  I’m excited to see how Angels and Demons translates to the big screen.  Tom Hanks looks like he’s still competing with Nicolas Cage to see who can have the most ridiculous hair though.

Brian: I have no real interest in Da Vinci Code or anything related to it. I didn’t watch this trailer. Haven’t read the books, seen the movies, or anything. That’ll probably change in five years when I get around to it.

24 Season 7


Zach: Got a pair of TV trailers for you.  First up is the trailer for Season 7 of the KICK ASS Movie Podcast’s favorite show, 24.  Season 6 was super disappointing after the first 4 episodes but Season 7 looks really good.  Tony is back from the dead and evil, CTU is gone, shit is exploding everywhere and Jack looks ready to kick some ass.  Plus how can you beat the last line of the trailer?; “So help me god I will kill you and you will stay dead this time!!!”

Brian: YES. This is the non-stop action trailer I was looking for. So the real question remains… will season seven deliver? The first trailer almost a year ago was iffy — this is much, much better. Maybe 24: Redemption will be an indicator…

Lost Season 5


Zach: Brian could care less about Lost but I’m almost in serious withdrawl.  (Spoilers)  Last season was fucking awesome and it ended with a huge WTF? moment as main rogue Ben caused the Island to vanish along with everyone except the Oceanic Six of Jack, Kate, Aaron, Sun, Hurley and Sayid as they escaped in a helicopter.  They later sailed to an island in the Pacific and claimed they were the only survivors of Flight 815.  Now it looks like they have to get back along with the body of Locke and Ben, who teleported to Tunisia after making the island vanish.  At this point you’re either in or out so that will affect your excitement over the trailer.  I’m thinking I might freeze myself like Cartman till January.

Brian: Yeah, don’t care. Ha.

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