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Wanna see some Bonus Videos?

By Zach

and possibly a magic trick?  With so many classic (and not so classic) moments from the Batman movies there’s no shortage of clips.  Strap on your utility belts and jump into your batmobiles and let’s go.

Here’s a taste of the craziness that is Adam West’s Batman:

The Batcopter is attacked by a shark but fortunately Batman keeps shark repellent in his utilitiy belt:

Batman’s introduction in the first Tim Burton movie:

The birth of the Joker:

The classic “Joker wants to see himself in the mirror” scene:

When you’re destroying a museum what better musical choice is there than Prince?

I gotta say the Tim Burton era Batmobile is probably my favorite and here it is in action, getting chased by the Joker’s goons:

The final showdown between Joker and Batman:

Trailer for Batman Returns:

The birth of the Penguin:

Batman has to deal with the Red Circus Gang:

I would suggest never working for Christopher Walken:

Looking back, Catwoman is kinda ridiculous:

Penguin is probably one of the most disgusting villains ever:

The Penguin launches his final plan, rocket powered Penguins:

Of course it doesn’t work:

Some gameplay from the awesome Batman Returns SNES game:

The fantastic opening to “Batman: The Animated Series”:

Mark Hamill explains how he came up with the Joker laugh:

Batman Forever Trailer:

Edward Nigma shows off his latest invention:

The Riddler and Two Face team up:

Man, Robin is such a douche:

The Riddler kidnaps Chase Meridian and Batman has to solve his riddle:

Batman and Robin head for the Riddler/Two Face lair:

The final battle between The Dynamic Duo and the bad guys:

Jack Black rocks “Kiss from a Rose”:

Schumacher apologizes for Batman & Robin:

What could you possibly have to apologize for?:

Trailer for Batman Begins:

Batman becomes a ninja thanks to Liam Neeson:

Batman first shows up to kicks some mob ass at the docks:

The ridiculously awesome car chase from Batman Begins:

The final confrontation between Batman and Rhaz Al Ghul:

The Dark Knight trailer:

Ah, the pencil trick:

Finally, some Watchmen action with their Saturday Morning cartoon:

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