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Battle at the Box Office 8/31

By Zach


Two horror franchises met in teen killing grudge match this weekend and The Final Destination managed to pull of the win with $28.3 million., making it the best opening in the series. Halloween 2’s Michael Myers wasn’t able to defeat the Nazi scalping Basterds, coming in third with $17.4 million while Inglourious Basterds moved down a spot to number two with a little over $20 million. District 9 moved down to the fourth spot with a little over $10 million and bringing it’s total gross to over $90 million, effectively triple it’s budget. The other fairly wide release new movie, Taking Woodstock, debuted in ninth place with about $3.8 million. So the summer blockbuster season is over for yet another year but there’s still plenty of good stuff coming up. Keep reading the site for all the details.

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