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Return of the Sequels

Some news came out about a couple of action movie franchises getting another sequel. (Courtesy of /Film)


First up is that another Bad Boys movie is in development.  The franchise is the one that launched Michael Bay to action director stardom and also helped launch the careers of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.  Colombia is hoping to get everyone back for the third movie, including producer Jerry Bruckheimer, but money could be the main issue considering how big everyone has gotten, especially Will Smith.  I enjoy the Bad Boy franchise even though 2 was probably too long and gave us our first taste of unrestricted, insane, Michael Bay.  Argueably one of the best car chases ever though.

Moving on we have the news that Rambo 5 has been greenlit by Nu Image/Millennium Films.  Sly will be back to star and direct the new Rambo.  A rumored plot was that Rambo was going to head to Europe to rescue his newly found daughter but a new plot from Variety says that Rambo is going to head south of the border to help rescue a young girl from drug dealers and human traffickers.  Shooting is supposed to start in the spring, probably around the same time as Sly’s latest movie, The Expendables, hits theaters.

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