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Real Men of Action: Cameron Poe


  • Name: Cameron Poe
  • Occupation: Former Army Ranger, convict
  • Family: Tricia Poe (Wife), Casey Poe (Daughter)
  • Allies: Mike “Baby-O” O’Dell, US Marshall Vince Larkin, Guard Sally Bishop
  • Enemies: Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom, Diamond Dog, Billy Bedlam, Johnny 23, Swamp Thing, Fransisco Sandino
  • Weapon(s) of Choice: Colt Woodsman, Bare hands
  • Body Count: 3
  • Memorable Quote: “Put the bunny back in the box”

After fulfilling his duties as an Army ranger, Cameron Poe returns home to his wife Tricia to settle down but after spending a night at a bar, Cameron and Tricia are accosted by obnoxious drunks and a fight breaks out.  It escalates until one of the drunks pulls a knife and Cameron accidentally kills him trying to defend himself.  Poe is given 8 years and serves them as a model inmate and gets parole.  Poe is going to be flying home on the C-123 nicknamed “Jailbird” and it’s also carrying some of the most dangerous criminals in the country to a new Supermax prison in Alabama.  Among them is the highly intelligent and deadly Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom.  The flight goes as well as expected until halfway to their next stop when prisoner “Pinball” coughs up a vial of kerosene and a match  that he swallowed and lights his seatmate on fire.  With this distraction, Cyrus pulls a needle he embedded into his palm and picks his lock and heads toward the cockpit.  The co-pilot pulls out one of the few guns and heads back to check the commotion but is killed by Cyrus and the convicts take over the plane.  One of the prisoners turns out to be an undercover DEA agent and he tries to regain control using a gun from an ankle holster.  Poe tries to talk him down which distracts him long enough for Cyrus to kill him, which Cyrus compliments Poe on.

The prisoners heads for Carson City to pick up more inmates.  Cyrus and the other felons dress like guards and send some of the guards out as inmates, as three prisoners are being transferred off the plane.  Poe smuggles a tape recorder that the DEA agent had onto one of the guards so that the authorities can know what is going on.  Some of the prisoners being transferred onto Jailbird are Swamp Thing, an expert on airplanes and the new pilot and the Hannibal Lecter like Garland Greene. Also coming on board is Fransisco Cindino  The guards at Carson City find out about what is going on but are unable to stop the plane from taking off and Pinball climbs onto the landing gear to try and get back on the plane, as he was sneaking the plane’s transponder onto another plane.

Meanwhile, US Marshall Vince Larkin and DEA Agent Malloy find out about Cyrus’ plan and disagree about the best course of action.  Malloy goes after the transponder signal with attack helicopters and Larkin heads to Lerner Airfield after Pinball’s body crashes onto a car with a message from Poe on it.  Poe also has to kill one of the inmates, Billy Bedlam, after Billy discovers Poe’s pardon and could reveal this to Cyrus.

The convicts arrive at Lerner Airfield to meet with Cindino’s men, get paid and leave the country.  Poe sneaks off to try and get insulin for his friend Baby-O and accidentally runs into Cindino’s men.  Larkin arrives at that moment and the two take the men out.  Larkin says he’s here to help, but Poe doesn’t trust him and goes back to look for the insulin.  The inmates meanwhile are trying to dig the plane out after it’s rough landing and get ready for the troops coming.  Cindino sneaks off to meet his pilot at his private jet and attempts to take off.  Larkin uses a crane to rip the back half of the jet off and it crashes into some gas pumps.  Cyrus and the inmates go to investigate and Cindino crawls out of the wreckage and tries to explain but Cyrus lights the gas with a cigarette and kills Cindino and blows up the jet, an explosion which Poe just barely escapes.

The government troops arrive and a huge firefight breaks out.  Larkin commandeers a snowplow and provides cover for the troops.  Cyrus orders a retreat and the convicts escape in the Jailbird.  Poe tries to slow down the plane by tying a chain to the back of the plane, but it doesn’t work.  Cyrus knows there is another traitor on board and suspects Poe but Baby-O takes the blame and a bullet.  Cyrus still isn’t convinced but before he can confront Poe, Malloy and his attack helicopters arrive and open fire.  Poe heads for the cockpit and tells Swamp Thing to land.  The closest airfield is in Las Vegas but the damage to the plane is going to force them to land on the Vegas strip.

The landing kills and injures many of the prisoners and causes tons of property damage along the strip.  Poe, Baby-O, and captive guard Sally Bishop all survive and think the ordeal is over but Cyrus and a few prisoners sneak out of the plane and steal a fire truck.  Larkin and Poe give chase on police motorcycles and take down the convicts, with Cyrus getting a particularly gruesome end by a piece of construction equipment.

After all this, Poe is finally reunited with his wife and their daughter Casey, who he has never met.  The only prisoner to actually escape is Garland, who spent most of the time at Lerner playing with a little girl and then sneaks off to go gamble in one of the casino’s.

See Cameron in Action:


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