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Universal Soldier IV Coming

By Zach

The Universal Soldier franchise continues to plod forward as the fourth in canon movie is set to go into production this fall. (It’s actually the fourth Universal Soldier movie but only the ones with Van Damme are acknowledged)  The movie will once again star Jean Claude Van Damme as Luc Devreaux and Dolph Lundgren as Andrew Scott and director of Regeneration, John Hyams, will be directing this one as well.  It was also announced that the movie is going to be in 3D, does that mean a theatrical release since Regeneration went straight to video or do they think everyone will have 3D TVs by next year?  Also, how are they going to explain Dolph coming back after getting his brains exploded out the back of his skull in Regeneration?  Regeneration was surprisingly decent but I’m not sure how much life the Universal Soldier franchise has left in it.

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