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Battle at the Box Office 9/6

Apparently a lot of people were fooled by the action packed trailers for The American since from everything I’ve heard it’s an extremely slow paced, subtle character study and not the tense spy thriller they were promoting it as.  That or people just love George Clooney because the movie made $12.9 million and took the top spot.  Last week’s number one, Takers (we reported it was The Last Exorcist last week but Takers barely won when the real numbers came in) dropped down to second with $11.5 million.  A pretty good debut from Machete, third place with $11.3 million.   The Last Exorcism had pretty big drop, going to fourth (a 62% drop from last week) with $7.6 million.  The other new movie, Going the Distance, had a lackluster debut at fifth.  The decision to make it R rated probably had something to do with it.  Everything else took the usual route toward the bottom but the surprising thing is that Inception is still in the top ten.  It’s in ninth place and made another $4.5 million, bringing it’s total to almost $300 million.

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