Abduction Trailer

With the Twilight franchise (thankfully) almost over, Taylor Lautner is looking to add “action star” to his resume with this fall’s “Abduction”.  Lautner plays a high school student who discovers that his face is on a website showing what missing children would look like in the present.  This discovery sets off warning bells at the CIA, who kill his “parents” and want to capture him.  He gets help from a supposed friend of his real father, played by Sigourney Weaver, and he must stay ahead of the evil Alfred Molina and his agents.  It’s definitely trying to be a tween version of Bourne and it looks all right, the supporting cast is surprisingly good for something like this and it’s directed by John Singleton, but I don’t think it’s a must see when it comes out and the theater will probably be filled with annoying teenage girls opening weekend anyway.  Check out the trailer below and the movie is out in September.

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