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Battle at the Box Office 4/25

By Zach

Rio managed to hold on to the top spot despite close competition from the latest Tyler Perry cash grab.  Rio made another $26.8 million, which is about $3 million down from last year when How To Train Your Dragon was number one.  Madea’s Big Happy Family was a pretty average opening for Tyler Perry, making $25.8 million.  It’s the lowest opening for a Madea titled movie, however.  Water for Elephants took the third place spot and was pretty much on average in the “romantic movies based on novels” genre with $17.5 million.  Because it was Easter this weekend, Hop got a 16% boost and took the fourth place spot $12.5 million, but it’s probably going to have a huge drop off next week. Speaking of big drop offs, Scream 4 had a slightly over 60% drop and fell from second to fifth place.  The other new movie, African Cats, took the sixth place spot with $6.4 million.  It’s the lowest opening for a DisneyNature movie, although Earth and Oceans both opened earlier in the week.  Nothing else big, movement wise but we’ll have to see if Rio can hold out against the first “summer” blockbuster with Fast Five.

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