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News Shotgun 8/12

  • New Vehicle from The Dark Knight Rises photographed:  More stealth photos from the filming of the The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh as it looks like a possible new vehicle was being shot.  Judging from the rig, it appears that it might be some sort of flying vehicle, possibly a hovercraft version of the Tumbler.
  • Riddick sequel casting, direct sequel to Pitch Black:  Vin Diesel and director David Twohy were optimistic that they could start shooting the next Riddick this summer but it’s going a little slower than they expected.  Casting has just started for the next movie, simply titled Riddick right now, that will be a direct sequel to the awesome Pitch Black, with only minor references to the mess that was Chronicles of Riddick.  Twohy has also stated that Riddick will be more vicious and bad ass than he ever has been.
  • David Yates/Steve Kloves working on an adaptation of The Stand:   The director and writer of the last four Harry Potter movies, David Yates and Steve Kloves, respectively, are reuniting to adapt another lengthy book, Stephen King’s The Stand.  The Stand is about the end of the world after most of humanity is killed by a viral outbreak.  East Texas resident Stu Redman leads the forces of good while Randall Flagg leads the forces of evil.  The general consensus is that Yates and Kloves did a fine job of adopting the lengthy Deathly Hallows for film and they could probably do a good 2 part movie of the 1000 page The Stand.  The Stand was previously adapted as a TV miniseries starring Gary Sinise and Miguel Ferrer.
  • Joe Carnahan’s The Grey opens January 27, 2012: Liam Neeson vs. Wolves from the director of The A-Team, what more do you need to know?
  • Resident Evil 5 on the way:  Just like the zombies that star in it, the Resident Evil movie series refuses to die.  The fifth entry, Retribution, will begin filming this October for a release next September.  No plot details are known right now but casting includes characters like Barry Burton, Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine.  Milla Jovavich will return yet again as Alice and Paul W.S. Anderson will once again direct.
  • Bruce Willis in talks to play the original Joe in GI Joe 2: The casting for GI Joe 2 continues as it seems like Bruce Willis is in talks to play the original Real American Hero.  The Rock was previously cast as Roadblock and the movie also features RZA, Ray Stevenson, Adrianne Palicki and returning cast members Channing Tatum, Ray Park and Byung Hun-Lee.
  • World War Z set for a December 21, 2012 release date, plot details revealed:  It’s had a rough development but thankfully the adaptation of World War Z is filming and scheduled to be released next winter.  Brad Pitt will star as UN officer Gerry Lane.  The movie’s plot is drastically different from the book in that it’s taking place as the zombie outbreak is happening and following one character.  Other sites are going completely ape shit about this but as long as they have some of the set pieces of the book, like the Battle of Yonkers, and has some of Max Brooks’ original takes on the genre, than I’ll still be down for it.
  • Frank Darabont apparently fired, didn’t step down, from The Walking Dead:  This story keep getting messier but apparently Frank Darabont was fired by AMC for refusing to work within their demands for The Walking Dead.  Darabont appeared at the show’s panel at Comic Con and then it was announced he was stepping down from the show the following Monday.  Now it seems like AMC fired Darabont because he seemed to be having difficulty working under the faster production schedule of TV and was demanding more money for the show.  Rumors are that AMC is stiffing their other shows to keep the budget for Mad Men where it has been.

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