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Musical Montage: Hercules

Closing out Disney Month here in Musical Montage with Disney’s take on Greek mythology with Hercules.  Disneyifying all the horrible aspects of the Hercules story, like him being tricked into going on a murderous rampage, the movie finds young Hercules being kidnapped from Olympus in a plot by the evil Hades.  Herc is found by a kindly farming couple and eventually learns about his true past and that he can become a god again if he becomes “a true hero” and seeks out legendary hero trainer Philoctetes.  One of the more unique spins that Disney put on the movie is that the Muses have been transformed into a sassy group of R&B divas straight out of Motown.  Check out all the songs from the movie below.

“Zero to Hero”

“I Can Go the Distance”

“I Won’t Say I’m in Love”

“The Gospel Truth”

“One Last Hope”

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