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News Shotgun 12/17

    • Book sequel to “Drive” coming out in April: Drive, one of the most well received movies of 2011, was based on a book by author James Sallis and Sallis has finished a sequel, called “Driven”, that will continue the adventures of the unnamed wheelman/stuntman, played by Ryan Gosling in the movie.
    • American Horror Story house actually for sale:  The murder magnet, ghost filled house of FX’s American Horror Story is actually for sale in the greater Los Angeles area for $4.5 million.  The house and it’s interior were used in the pilot of the show and currently an exact replica of the interior has been built at a soundstage.  Demonic gimp suits and slutty ghost maids are not included in the price.
    • Green Goblin Makeup Test video from Spider Man 1:  I don’t know about you guys, but I personally cannot get enough of these abandoned special FX like the animatronic Hulk, Nicolas Cage’s Superman suit and now we have the rejected Green Goblin FX from the first Sam Raimi Spider Man movie.  We all know that they eventually went with the weird Power Rangers armor for the Green Goblin but watch this and just imagine how amazing it would have been and how they could not gone this direction.

  • Avatar: Special Edition coming to iTunes with enhanced special features:  Different versions of Avatar keep coming out and the latest is coming to iTunes and will allow you to switch, on the fly, between the final cg, rough CG and original green screen footage.  It seems to be only on certain, “memorable” scenes however and will be available for $19.99 in HD and $14.99 in SD sometime next year on the iTunes music store.
  • First Look at Stallone in “Bullet to the Head”:  Besides The Expendables 2, Stallone is continuing his return to action with “Bullet to the Head”, directed by Walter Hill and co-starring Jason Momoa and Christian Slater and based on a graphic novel where a hitman and cop have to team up to solve a series of grisly murders.  The first image of the movie came out this week and features Stallone battling, more than likely, Jason Momoa with fire axes.


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