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Total Recall Trailer

A movie that is near and dear to our hearts here at Everything Action is 1990’s Total Recall, the hilariously violent teaming up of Paul Verhoeven and Arnold Schwarznegger that brought us such classic moments as “Get your ass to Mars”, Kuato, “See you at the party Richter!”, the three boobed alien hooker and Arnold disguised as a giant woman.  Needless to say, we were pretty skeptical when it was announced that a remake was in the works with Colin Farrell taking over for Arnold and Len Wiseman, of the Underworld movies, taking over as director.  The first trailer is finally out and while it doesn’t look like the original is in danger of being replaced, there is some cool looking stuff going on.  Farrell plays Douglas Quaid, who wants a break from his dull routine as a construction worker and goes to Rekall to get memories of being a spy implanted into his brain.  Something goes horribly wrong and Quaid goes on the run from the troops of Chancellor Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston) and even his own wife (Kate Beckinsale) wants him dead.  So it’s the same basic plot as the original, except the action takes place entirely on Earth.  The action scene highlighted in the trailer, where Quaid takes down a squad of soldiers, looks pretty damn cool and the twist on hover cars, where they ride on their roofs under elevated roads, is pretty interesting as well.  I’m a lot more interested seeing this trailer, which you can check out below, and the movie is out this August.

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