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Everything Action Theater: Last Action Hero

Last Action Hero was critically and commercially panned when it first came out, probably due to expectations being ludicrously high and the advertising campaign going crazy and putting ads on everything, even the goddamn space shuttle.  With time to let everything stabilize, Last Action Hero can be seen for the flawed but pretty fun B-level Arnold movie with tons of easter eggs for Arnold and action fans.  Arnold stars as action movie star Jack Slater whose biggest fan is young boy Danny Madigan.  Danny gets a chance to meet his hero when a magical movie ticket gets him sucked into Jack’s crazy version of Los Angeles where every car explodes, bullet wounds are minor annoyances, the best cop is a cartoon cat and Stallone starred in The Terminator.  You can check out the whole movie below, thanks to Crackle.

From Crackle: Last Action Hero

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