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When You’re a Spy: Split Decision

Michael is torn between getting Rebecca totally on the team’s side by throwing off the man threatening her brother and helping Fi become a valuable CIA asset to speed up release on this week’s episode, “Split Decisions”.

After talking her down after she kidnapped Sam, Rebecca (Kristana Loken) made the guys a deal; They find a way to keep her brother safe permanently and she’ll help them find Anson.  After giving them some vague clues about where her brother, Trent, might be, the guys finally get the actual person who is threatening him, crime boss Wes Foster.  In order to get in with him, Jesse and Nate (yes, Nate is still hanging around, unfortunately) head north to get some information from Wes’ dad’s former cellmate so that Michael can pass himself off as another fellow inmate of the late Mr. Foster.  Michael manages to fairly easily convince Wes that he’s a thief and that his father passed on intel that Trent is not the informant Wes is looking for and a doctored file placed in a police records warehouse by Rebecca and Sam (Detective Finley) gets Wes to believe his wife Donna is the mole and kicks her out of his house.  With Wes off of Trent’s trail for good, Rebecca reveals that Anson is expecting a drop of documents in Atlantic City.  There’s not too much conning, Wes is extremely accepting of Michael after he gives a couple of key details of prison and the gang is able to break in and out of the police record warehouse almost at will.  There’s a slight snag when Michael and Wes get trapped on the roof of the warehouse but Michael is able to Macgyver up a rope made of extension cords and they are able to escape.

At the same time Michael is working on throwing off Wes, he also has to deal with Tom Card (John C. McGinley) who tells Michael that if he can help show that Fi is a “valuable CIA asset” it will speed up the process of getting her released from prison.  The best way to show she is an asset is for her to set up her arms dealer, Greyson Miller, who Card wants to meet with one of his operatives but Miller will only deal with Fi or Michael, so Michael is recruited to meet with him.  He makes it just in time after finishing up with Wes and manages to get Miller arrested and Fi one step closer to getting released.

Split Decision was a decent episode of Burn Notice.  It was a pretty straight forward case of the week and the gang didn’t do anything to tricky or complicated to trick Wes but there were some great Sam Axe lines, John C McGinley is always great and there was the first wacky Michael accent of the season to laugh at.  Next week promises that one of the characters is going to die when the team heads to Jersey to find Anson and if I were a betting man, I would bet that Agent Pearce is probably the one to bite the big one with Nate in a close second so come back next week to find out if I’m right.

  • Who am I?: Freddy Cupfer(sp?), a thief who I would guess is from Jersey, based on the accent and his constantly calling everyone “bro”.
  • Spy Tip of the Week: The filing system of most police departments is horribly outdated and overly complicated, allowing you to easily sneak in false files.
  • Sam Axeism: “For all we know, he wandered into the wrong section of Bed, Bath and Beyond” -Sam, on the whereabouts of Rebecca’s brother, Trent.

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