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Top 10 Don Lafontaine Trailers

I don’t think there can be any argument that Don Lafontaine was the greatest voice over artist ever.  Famous for “In a world…”, Don could make any movie feel like it was the biggest blockbuster of the year with just a few choice catchphrases and his signature gravelly voice. Celebrate the lost art of trailer voice overs with our picks for his top 10 trailers.

10. Broken Arrow

Best Line: “What if the enemy…is one of them?”

9. Patriot Games

Best Line: “A man fighting for everything he holds dear: for justice, for freedom, for family, for keeps!”

8. Eraser

Best Line: “Everyone who knows the truth is dead, except the one guarded by him”

7. Die Hard

Best Line: “He’s an easy man to like, and a hard man to kill”

6. The Rock

Best Line: This Summer, get ready to Rock!”

5. Speed

Best Line: “Get ready for rush hour!”

4. Darkman

Best Line: “Crime has a new enemy, and Justice has a new face”

3. Batman Returns

Best Line: “From the rooftops of Gotham, the purrfect enemy is born”

2. Gymkata

Best Line: “Combine the discipline, the timing and the power of gymnastics with the explosive power of karate and a new, all powerful martial art is born: Gymkata!”

1. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Best Line: “Same make, Same model, New mission”

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