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Death Race: Inferno Trailer

By Zach

From time to time, Hollywood latches onto a series and drives them into the ground with needless sequels.  Scorpion King and Highlander come to mind and now it seems like Death Race is the latest to be sequelized to death with Death Race 3: Inferno coming out in December.  A prequel to Death Race with Jason Statham, Death Race 2, and now 3, features Luke Goss as Carl Lucas, aka the original Frankenstein.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen it but I’m pretty sure the only reason Carl started wearing the mask was that he was horribly burned in one of the Death Races but now in 3 he seems perfectly fine.  It also seems to contradict the original by saying Frankenstein is one more race away from freedom but that was the whole point of the original.  There should be at least be some consistency, no matter how flimsy your mythology is.  That being said, Danny Trejo is always welcome and the fact that they use actual cars at least makes the races somewhat exciting and the change of scenery might make for some decent action.  Check out the trailer below.

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