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News Shotgun 10/19

By Zach

  • Nicolas Cage starring in new adaptation of Left Behind:  The apocalyptic Christian book series, Left Behind, previously had a trilogy of movies starring Kirk Cameron but now an attempt at a more mainstream adaptation is in the works, with Nicolas Cage in talks to star.  The movies follow the aftermath of the Rapture, as all the believers are brought up to Heaven and the rest of the world is left to fend for themselves.
  • Shailene Woodley confirmed as Mary Jane for Amazing Spider-Man 2:  Gwen better stay away from bridges in the sequel.
  • Sunday comics adaptations: Both Family Circus and Heathcliff movies are going into production.
  • Justice League set for 2015 release, other DC movies to follow:  DC is taking the opposite approach from Marvel by releasing their big team up movie first with Justice League in 2015 and then spinning off individual movies from there.  The company needs to settle the lawsuit with the Shuster family over the rights to Superman in the interim.
  • Black Dynamite 2 a western?:  Michael Jai White was at the premiere of Alex Cross recently and mentioned that they have been talking about Black Dynamite 2 and that it will most likely be a western/blaxploitation mash-up and inspired heavily by Blazing Saddles.
  • Son of Ernest in development: If you are a 90’s kid like us, then you most likely have a soft spot in your heart for the Ernest series, starring the late Jim Varney.  John Cherry, the creator of the character, is now developing a sequel called Son of Ernest that will follow the misadventures of Ernest’s son.
  • Aaron Paul starring Need For Speed movie: The Breaking Bad co-star is going to be starring in the adaptation of the EA racing series, but not any particular title.  It will most likely be similar to the Fast and the Furious franchise, with street racing factoring in heavily.
  • Ant Man gets a release date: The Edgar Wright helmed Marvel movie will be out in November of 2015.
  • Agent Coulson returning in SHIELD TV show: Clark Gregg was announced as returning to the Marvel movie/TV universe as Agent Coulson in the SHIELD TV show at the recent NYC Comic Con.  It’s still not clear whether this will mean the show is a prequel or they will devise someway to bring Coulson back from the dead.

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