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News Shotgun 10/26

  • Matthew Vaughn out as X-Men: Days of Future Past director: The director of X-Men: First Class was set to direct the sequel for Fox but has stepped down from directing for unknown reasons.  Vaughn is still set to produce the movie along with Bryan Singer, who may step up and direct.
  • Idris Elba as Bond?:  Skyfall actress Naomie Harris mentioned in an interview that Luther/The Wire actor Idris Elba met with Bond producer, Barbara Broccoli, at some point recently, possibly to talk about picking up the Bond baton from Daniel Craig.
  • Brandon T Jackson to possibly star in Beverly Hills Cop series: The Tropic Thunder star is apparently close to getting the role of Axel Foley’s son and be the main character of the upcoming Beverly Hills Cop TV show.  Eddie Murphy is set to produce and possibly reprise his role and Shawn Ryan is producing as well.
  • Arnold returns to Conan in “The Legend of Conan”:  Arnold is set to reclaim the role that made him famous in The Legend of Conan, a new reboot of the franchise.  The movie will only acknowledge the original Conan the Barbarian and will pick up the story during Conan’s reign as king and his last great adventure.  Chris Morgan, writer of the last four Fast & Furious movies will be writing the script.
  • Speaking of Arnold, here’s the first look at him in “Ten”:

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